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Performance Therapy

What IS Performance Therapy?

Our brain seeks to keep our bodies in balance. Imbalances in muscle function can come from stress, strain, injury, or lack of use. When we try to do a particular movement, and the brain senses that the muscles and joints are not stable enough to do it safely, it will prevent that movement. This often feels like stiffness, reduced range of motion, or even pain.

What does the therapist do?

With Performance Technique, the therapist assess the muscles to see if they are able to move at their weakest position. This is determined through active and passive muscle tests. The therapist looks at the muscle's ability to perform the movement, fluidity of motion, and of course, any pain that may be caused by the movement. Every session begins with a conversation about what you are experiencing, an assessment of the muscles in your body, palpation of the muscles that are not performing, and reassessment.

What should I expect?

Unlike standard massage, sessions are performed with clothing ON. In fact, it is best if you are wearing light pieces, such as t-shirts, yoga pants, or athletic shorts or pants (without a thick waistband). Palpation is a focused pressure at the attachment sites of the muscles. While there is occasionally some discomfort, it can also be very relaxing.

How long does it take?

Each session is about 2 hours long. This allows for up to 30 minutes of assessment time, and a guaranteed 90 minutes of hands-on time.

As far as the number of sessions it will take to get your muscles firing, that will depend on how your body responds, how long the imbalances have existed, and how frequent our initial sessions are. If you are interested in receiving a discount for multiple sessions, you might consider a Package.

What conditions can it help?

Neck and shoulder pain



Carpal Tunnel

Rotator Cuff issues

Low back pain

Sciatic pain and stiffness

Tightness and pain in hips

Knee pain and stiffness

Weak ankles

Plantar Fasciitis


Tennis and Golfers elbow

Sprained elbow

Increasing range of motion

Pregnancy aches and pains

Preparation for childbirth

Post natal recuperation



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