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Stability and Mobility


Have you ever felt great after a massage only to have your aches and pains return within days or even hours? Are you resigned to lack of movement or pain in joints and muscles due to injuries, age, or "that's the way it has always been"? Do you feel like you have to stretch often just to get your body to move? 

Whether you are an athlete or someone who simply wants to be able to move freely, Performance Therapy is for you!

Your Therapist

Lisa Sanders has been committed to her craft for over five years. Her mission has always been focused more on finding the cause of pain rather that just focusing on the symptom. Her primary goal is to create an experience that optimizes time and technique, and provides tangible evidence of improved movement and a sense of wellbeing. While most of her work is therapeutic, she has also continued to study massage for breast health, treatment for whiplash and TMJ, AromaTouch, and lymphatic drainage. 

Experienced Knowledge

For the last four years, Lisa has focused on bio-mechanics and applied kineseology while getting training in a technique she calls Performance Therapy. The results she has seen through this work bring excitement and joy as each person's life is transformed with improved movement and reduced pain.